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The Robbinswood community tradition

Robbinswood Assisted Living is located in the beautiful Grand Haven area of west Michigan. Robbinswood is designed, staffed, and maintained to best meet the needs and desires of its residents. Security, and independence, privacy and companionship, and physical and social well-being are the primary focus at Robbinswood. Residents receive - as needed - supervision, personal care, and health care services that emphasize their right to control their lives.

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Featuring Members of the Robbinswood Community

This month we will be featuring Elly Izokaitis. Elly was born in Kedainiai, Lithuania, the second of two children, but fled from communism when she was just two years old. After leaving her home country, her family lived in Germany; moving between refugee camps for two years until finding home in England. Elly lived in Manchester until she was 22 and eventually found a new home in Chicago, Illinois. Elly was married to her husband Vincent Izokaitis for 24 years before he passed. They had two sons together, Joseph and Dr. Anthony Izokaitis. Elly and her husband were a part of a Lithuanian singing group and toured all over North America spreading their culture. Elly speaks three languages: Lithuanian, German and English. She enjoys teaching people new words and phrases. Thank you for making Robbinswood a part of your family, Elly. 

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