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The Robbinswood community tradition

Robbinswood Assisted Living is located in the beautiful Grand Haven area of west Michigan. Robbinswood is designed, staffed, and maintained to best meet the needs and desires of its residents. Security, and independence, privacy and companionship, and physical and social well-being are the primary focus at Robbinswood. Residents receive - as needed - supervision, personal care, and health care services that emphasize their right to control their lives.

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Featuring Members of the Robbinswood Community

This month we will be featuring Laura Westfall. Born Laura Mcalister in Dover Arkansas in 1928, Laura lived in Arkansas for the first 8 years of her life before moving to Missouri. While living in Missouri she attended school through the eighth grade. She was 18 years old when she met the man whom she would later marry.  Carl Westfall would routinely leave his home in Tennessee, to visit his mother who was Laura‚Äôs next door neighbor in Missouri. Eventually Laura will tell you he was not visiting his mother on his trips, and was visiting Laura instead. The couple were married, and after Carl was discharged from the service the pair moved to Tennessee.  While is Tennessee the pair had two daughters, and son who passed in infancy. The couple later moved to Michigan and on the day they arrived Carl went searching for work, had found a job, and was scheduled to work a shift that night. Laura had two more daughters for a total of four girls all while working full time and also attending Grand Haven High in the evenings to obtain her high school diploma. Laura is a sweet and caring woman with southern charm, and is also a very strong and determined woman. 

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